Why orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment can improve quality of life and well-being for patients of every age. Dental Kids is proud to offer orthodontic and paediatric dental treatments in the same office. This allows for the paediatric dentist and orthodontist to collaborate effectively in the best interest of our patients!


Personalized orthodontics services

Our board-certified orthodontists provide customized treatment plans to resolve developmental issues and treat existing problems. During patient consultations, orthodontists identify the most appropriate treatment methods for individual orthodontic cases.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends children be seen for their first orthodontic evaluation by age 7. The goal of childhood and adolescent orthodontic treatment is to establish optimal function and proper alignment of the jaws and the teeth.

If one of our orthodontists determines early orthodontic treatment is not needed, they will advise parents about what type of treatment may be needed for their child in the future. Our orthodontists invite growing patients, who are not ready for orthodontic treatment, to join the “Growth Observation Program” in our office so they can monitor craniofacial growth, dental development and optimally time your child’s future orthodontic treatment.

What is board-certification from the American Board of Orthodontics?

Orthodontists must complete an intensive residency program where they learn the techniques of proper, safe tooth movement as well as guided dental, jaw, and facial development. Through formal and hands-on training, orthodontists are equipped to diagnose, prevent, correct and treat dental and facial irregularities in patients of all ages.


ABO Board Certification is a voluntary credential that represents an orthodontist’s personal and public commitment to the standards of specialty practice and lifelong learning. The ABO Certification process requires the completion of peer-developed, externally validated written and clinical examinations. A Board-Certified Orthodontist has reached this level of achievement by pursuing additional voluntary education and ongoing self- assessment.

Board Certification is confirmation of an orthodontist’s personal commitment to providing lifelong quality patient care.

Why Choose Us?

At Dental Kids we offer comprehensive orthodontic care for children and teenagers to help them have a lifetime of healthy and confident smiles.

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